Glass Equipment

We supply standard and customised glass for your needs in your laboratory.

All glassware we sell can be fully customised for your needs. It is very simple: Describe what you want and we create it!

Suppliers for standard and customised glassware include Günter DIEHM Process Systems, Rettberg GmbH, Aachener Quartzglas-Technologie Heinrich and Humi-Glas.

We are also distributors for Rettberg GmbH – VGKL Laborhändler in Sweden. We sell their products at a favourable negotiated price. You can either contact us or place the order at the Rettberg site and it will be forwarded to us. We will then send you an offer with the products you are interested in.

DIEHM glass reactors

DIEHM Process Systems are experts in glass reactors. They have what you need to perform your chemical reactions in your way. Their catalogues are below in pdf-file format. All products can customised on request. Look in the catalogues below and contact us for help on selecting your reactor and offer request.

Some features that make the Diehm products the first choice among large pharmaceutical companies and chemical industries:

  • Very high quality.
  • Very flexible choice and customisation to special needs.
  • Expert advice.
  • Reactors with high heat transfer.
  • Spring loaded bottom valves to catch up differences in thermal expansion within the valve, i.e. between glass and Teflon.

Full catalogue
Reaction systems
Lid adapters

Rettberg glass products

Ground flasks
Separatory funnels
Dropping funnels
Dosing funnels
Distillation components
Cooling traps
Standard ground components
Threaded components

Flat flange vessels
Stirrer seals
Stirrer shafts

Special equipment

Gas distributers
Specimen preparation equipment