Dilution Pumps

FIA’s dilution pump comes in two major configurations, fixed or variable ratio. It is usually built into a customised system, but can be sold separately.

Key features are:

  • Suitable for pH buffer solutions
  • No metal parts in contact with liquid
  • Requires no PLC nor a computer, but can be computer controlled
  • Dilution production is about 200 ml/min
  • Buffer concentrate is automatically diluted with water

FIA Dilution pump – variable

A dilution pump in the variable configuration can be set to a by the user.  The pump works with a single piston and it requires one stirred supply vessel.

First, the piston dispenses the buffer concentrate and then, secondly, dilutes it with water to a preset value. The buffer concentrate and water must then be stirred into a homogeneous solution.

Picture 1: Dilution pump in the variable configuration.

Picture 2: Dilution pump in the fixed configuration.

FIA Dilution pump – fixed

Dilution pumps with a fixed dilution ratio is set during manufacturing and is selected by the customer during ordering. The pump is somewhat different from the variable one:

  • The pump has two pistons that work synchronously
  • After a small mixing chamber, the solution is homogeneous