We have an agency for several companies, through reseller agreement, we can keep prices low. We are primarily an engineering company. We compete with our expertise and specialty products, often in the form of a system. We rarely have markup that some other companies have, involved in sales without having product knowledge.

Günter DIEHM Process Systems
Gebr. Rettberg GmbH
Bohlender GmbH
New Era Pump Systems Inc.

Custom made glass reactors, distillers, etc.

All equipment for the laboratory.

Complete your reactions in inert Teflon.

Programmable Precision Syringe Pumps

Aachener Quarzglas-Technologie Heinrich

Air measuring, controlling, testing and calibrating equipment

Heating and cooling systems.

Laboratory glass.

Quartz glass.

Kinematica AG
Kleinfeld Labortechnik GmbH

Homogenizers, etc.

Hoses, rubber, labelling, tripod parts.