Board of Directors

From left to right

  • Caj Gustafsson
  • Daniel Svanberg
  • Lars Asking (Chairman and scientific advisor)
  • Kjell Fransson (Managing Director)
  • Mats Grip
  • Dr. Bo Wennergren (Founder)

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Daryl Roberts

Dr. Roberts is known internationally for his expertise in cascade impaction testing, including as a co-inventor of the Next Generation Impactor. He has published regularly at Drug Delivery to the Lung (Aerosol Society) and other inhalation-focused conferences and technical journals during his leadership of the pharmaceutical product line of MSP Corporation and continuing now as a private consultant. His technical expertise has a unique breadth, extending from the computer modelling of impaction fundamentals to the hands-on behavior of real devices during pharmacopeial testing procedures.

Lars Asking

Mr. Asking started his career at AstraZeneca in 1990. He devoted his time to testing of dry powder inhalers including development of the pharmacopeial methods for delivered dose and impactor testing including the importance of rise time. Lars has an in-depth knowledge in impactor testing and has done the calibration of the pharmacopeial Multi-stage liquid impinger. Lars has in-depth understanding of dry powder inhalers in which field he has several patents. Lars has also invented the use of refrigerated impactors for nebulizer assessment. Lars is currently the CEO of MVIC and has throughout the years presented at many inhalation conferences. Many of FIA’s products within OINDP testing builds on Lars’ pioneering work in the 90’s when working for AstraZeneca.