Medicated Chewing Gums

Chewing gum is effective for drug delivery. Drug release takes place as the gum  is masticated and is absorbed through the oral mucosa unchanged into the blood, in some cases saliva containing the drug is swallowed and further absorbed.

Nicotine gums are common, but also gums containing other drugs, in order to to give fast acting medication. Other medical gum uses are for instance against motion sickness, pain, migraine, nausia, to carry vitamins, for healthy teeth as laxative or stimulating like for instance Caffeine or Cannabis.

The gum formulation also enables the user to control the release of the drug in a simple way since the drug is released only during chewing.

FIA is the manufacturer of the Chewing Apparatus, dissolution rate tester DRT, for dissolution testing of chewing gums. We are also the only commercial producer of the DRT world-wide.

We can also construct a solution for your special needs.

We provide highly qualified contract research services, e.g. based on the DRT.

We can develop test methods for dissolution testing and perform tests during the development of new gum formulations. The services includes lab analysis and data evaluation.