We Enable Abbreviated Impactor Measurements

Measurement of the fine particle dose (FPD) emitted from an inhaler is often the key quality control attribute for registered inhalation drug products. However, automation of the FPD measurement has proven extremely challenging if approached with full-resolution impactors. AB FIA  has now changed that equation. In FIA’s automated equipment, the aerosol is separated by two size-fractionating components (see Figure, two standard fast screening impactors from MSP size-fractionate the aerosol). The recovered drug product can be either the FPD or the large particle mass or the small particle mass, key measures as a quality control test for a registered drug product. AB FIA is now working with Dr. Daryl Roberts, co-inventor of the NGI, to implement the best abbreviated impactor tools for individual customers. Contact Mr. Fransson at kjell.fransson@fia.se or Dr. Roberts at droberts@particleprinciples.com with questions or to discuss specific applications. Read more about Inhaler Test Automation Download the pdf FIA – Where the AIM Is Quality Control_2017

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Back from Holidays!

We are currently completing our second automated system of our most recent generation of inhaler testers. Performing delivered dose and fine particle testing as well as testing based on the Abbreviated Impactor Measurement (AIM) principle.

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