Best industrial poster award on DDL 27: We would like to congratulate Lars Karlsson of Astrazeneca…

We are happy to present our new homepage. The majority of our products and services are now published, however we are not yet finished. Please find your away around, if you lack any information do not hesitate to call or write us an e-mail.

Welcome to AB FIA – An Engineering Company with a Chemistry Profile! Pharmaceutical automation is our speciality.

We provide products and services to several business areas, primarily to laboratories in the chemical and pharmaceutical Life Science industries. A wide range of laboratory supplies and instruments can be ordered from us. We have well over 20 years of experience of delivering highly advanced custom made engineering solutions and automation for the regulated pharmaceutical industry.


Customised Systems

Custom-made laboratory robots designed for your area of expertise. [Read more]

Chewing Apparatus

Chewing substance release tester of medicated gums, candy and more. [Read more]

Laboratory equipment Agencies

We resell everything you need for your laboratory. [Read more]


Glass reactors

Custom-made glass reactors with the connector possibilities you want. [Read more]

Engineering Resources

Engineering Skills

Mechanical, electrical, chemistry, GMP, … Consultancy within the areas you need. [Read more]


Contract Research

We provide highly qualified contract research with our developed products. [Read more]